Wrath of the Just

What Happened to Hannah Reece?

(Gary) John “That’s my real name” Blesswork, American, ex-NSA (Deceased)
(Phil) Mace Windu “Yes, I am a pre-gen” Hunter, American, ex-CIA
(Ian) Gabriel “My name is French but I am British” de Montel, ex-MI5

The scene opened in a S/M bar in Bucharest, where our heroes had started their search for “Hannah Reece” the missing vampire novelist. After a tense standoff (Gabriel & Blesswork kept drinking), Mace managed to draw his gun and shoot his assailant in the crotch. Shots were fired and the criminals left the scene. Strangely, the police did not show.

The team found that this was a rival mob trying to extort the bar owners and grab the territory of the mob run by “Darko”. This club, “Tepes” was the place Reece was last seen and the bartender had indeed helped her connect with some human traffickers who were going to arrange some… exotic entertainments for her.

Using his contacts, Blesswork set up a meeting with the Bulgarian torturer known as the Unwinder. (I’ll tell you about his specialty sometime.) Blesswork was able to set up a meeting with Darko and then found out that Darko’s men were ambushed and Reece was stolen away by a rival gang. Both gangsters encouraged Blesswork and friends to leave Bucharest and go home to America. “Go back to your cheerleaders and marijuana. The money’s not worth it.” Darko also informed the team that Reece’s body had been found in a ditch and gave them the locations of the remains. According to Darko, the gangster responsible for her abduction was Rado, a criminal of terrifying danger, even to him.

While going to investigate, team Blesswork was ambushed by strange “beautiful people” and a gunfight ensued in which the ex-agents triumphed. Strangely, their assailants were very beautiful people with metallic shiny golden blood — and when they died, their skin and tissue dissolved, leaving only their bones and a few scraps of flesh. Taking their guns and phones, they went on to find Reece’s remains where promised.

Taking them back to their handler for their reward, they found that Reece had returned to her hotel and was publicly thanking city officials before preparing to leave for her home in San Francisco tomorrow!

Their handler offered them the choice- take the money for retrieving her remains and leave or continue on to find out who the impostor was. They opted to take the choice—working for some shadowy figures who would pay them an extra 500k to abduct Reece. (rather than the $1M to just assassinate the impostor that came from “a rival gang”..)

Using the phones of the strange “Beuautful Ones” who ambushed them, they tried to fake “Reece” into taking their limo service to the airport. To this effect, they loaded two SUVs with explosives and Blesswork drove a limousine with which to get the target away from the scene.

Apparently, Reece (or whoever) figured out the ruse and sent some “Beautiful Ones” and thugs to shoot up the drivers. An ugly gun battle ensued in which Blesswork and Gabriel were both badly hurt— culminating in a terrible explosion when Mace blew one of the SUVs, slaying the remaining Beautiful Ones and Blesswork. Mace hopped in the last SUV and made away at top speed with the badly wounded Gabriel to end the session.


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